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Crystal Quest

I was very surprised and happy that when I ran into a problem of ordering the right filter, it was corrected and returning wasn’t a headache. Even though the cost of return was on me (which that part I didn’t like!) but getting the right one was sent out in no time.

Excellent Choice!

Looks great, works great, easy to set up. I don’t have the room under my sink for a built in filter, but do have room on the countertop. Very happy with my purchase. Helpful staff.

ProOne Water Filter Pitcher with free Fruit Infuser (Filters Fluoride)

Tastes Great

After researching several filter brands I am happy with my purchase. The unit came as promised and was in good condition and easy to assemble. Cheers!

Great filter system

Absolutely amazing. The tatse of the water, the ease of the set up and the customer service is second to none. Could not be more happy with my filter system and experience with this company.

it leaks

The base is so tight i will have to use pipe wretch on it not my best buy

Replacement Filter [****]

QWF4U provides always the filter required for my Seychelle water pitcher.

Great product

You really can taste the difference in your water. We have well water and the filtered water tastes so refreshing and clean.


It is a lot better than the first one I bought. The first one was constantly leaking and this one is not. So the shower filter is a hit or miss.

The filter is working properly.

sloppy quality control

I have been using the triple water filter for 12 years now. I know exactly how to hook it up. The triple filter I bought recently had one filter that leaked water all over the place. I used the wrench to tighten it down, and when I re-started it the water it didn't leak anymore.

I am sorry your water filter leaked, but that is why the instructions state to hook it up turn your water on, and look for leaks and if there are any to tighten the canister up.


I wish it would stop when it is turned off and not keep dripping.

It will drip for a few minutes after you turn it off until it relieves the pressure from the system.

Filter works great. Instructions very unclear.

The filter works great once it's mounted. The instructions for mounting it are very unclear. It took awhile before I realized that there was an adapter piece already screwed into the filter in addition to the extra adapter pieces that came in a small plastic bag in the box.

Just what the Doctor ordered

During a Doctor visit it was revealed that I had high levels of glyphosate in my system. That is one of the ingredients in Round-Up. I do not use weed killer except a homemade non toxic one. Our conclusion is that it's in our well water. We live in the country and it likely got in there from means out of our control. So I was on the hunt for a filtration method. Could find no info online for the brand name water filters. Even called and emailed them and heard nothing back. Found Seychelle! On their site there is black and white documentation that their water pitchers filter out over 90% of a long list of chemicals and glyphosate was one of them! So I bought it and have not looked back. That was a few years ago and to this day our water is free from junk!! Our cats also drink the same water. Thank goodness I found Seychelle!

Water Filter

Very happy with the use of this tabletop filter, no complaints.

great product

Appreciate this water filter, easy to use and I know that my water is safe. It tastes great too.

Just what I was looking for!

I notice a tremendous difference not only in taste but water color. There is no residual taste left from the tap water. My dogs even refuse to drink tap water now, and will wait for me to give them filtered water. The product was very easy to setup and very easy to use!

Quality control?

I'm questioning the filtering quality now, as I went to change out the filter today I accidentally dropped the old one. It cracked open and I could see right on the mesh area where filtering water moves into the pitcher there is glue, which looks like is also exposed in the edges of the blue bottom where the space meets the carbon. Being that the glue is at the exact place the supposed filter water moves out, wouldn't it be contaminated with whatever plastics and harmful substances of the glue?? Am honestly disappointed.

I see your concern, but these filters and all filters have glue on them holding the caps to the ceramic or filter. They are glued together with FDA-compliant food-grade adhesives for filters and anything that comes in contact with food or water.


I wasn't satisfied after testing for nitrates and returned it.

Based on 50 ppm that you stated your water tested at you would only get about 50 gallons before it would have to be regenerated, and that also depends on the hardness of your water as that will diminish it faster also.

great customer service etc

Great customer service via phone, product arrived quickly, and couldn't best the price. Filter seems to work great as far as i cen tell.

Not the best

I have only had the filters about a month and they are already filtering very slowly. Never had this issue before. Also, I don't like the cover as it is hard to get off.

9 times out of 10 if you re-flush the filters it will regain its flow rate. If that does not help please contact us.

The filters came in good condition & fairly quick. No complaints

Great Filters And Shipped Fast

Bought two of the 5 inch ceramic candle filters for a homemade water filtration system in our kitchen. The filters were easy to install and so far, for the past few weeks, have been working very well. Our rural town water is somewhat treated, with a lot of chlorine, which gives our water an overwhelming strong chlorine odor and taste. On top of which the water has heavy metals in it that corrodes everything, and makes the water smell like fish when it boils. The filters have got rid of the chlorine smell and taste and no more fishy water smell when heating water. The water tastes great.

I feel confident that my water is pure, since I filter it first through the refrigerator filter and then my pitcher.