Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher - Reduces Fluoride

Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher - Reduces Fluoride

Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher - Reduces Fluoride


Fitting neatly into a refrigerator for a drink of chilled water, the Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher stands out among water filter pitchers because it can be used continuously. Most water filter pitchers can only be used twice daily, but this filter can be refilled as often as you want, providing a steady source of clean, decontaminated water.

The Seychelle filter pitcher consists of two sections, an upper reservoir where unfiltered water is put and a lower chamber where filtered water is stored until it is needed. The upper reservoir's capacity is ½ gallon, while the lower chamber holds 1 full gallon of water. Thus, the upper reservoir must be filled twice to fill the lower chamber.

This pitcher filter is excellent for many outdoor uses, where a faucet with running water is not available. It is frequently used for camping, boating, and similar sports. The Seychelle fluoride water filter plus pitcher is also great for filtering water and putting it in the refrigerator of an RV or for dorm rooms.

Characteristics of the Seychelle water filter pitcher

The pitcher uses the regular Seychelle filter which removes chlorine, chemicals, VOC's, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum. It also reduces 85 to 90% of fluoride and arsenic. and a wide range of other contaminants It does not remove giardia and cryptosporidium so it is designed as a drinking water product to be used with chlorinated municipal water, and as a replacement for bottled water.. The filter cannot cleanse sea water (salt water).

  • Water is easily added through the flip top lid.
  • Plastic contains no BPA and does not leach hazardous chemicals into the water.
  • Removes heavy metals like chromium, mercury, copper, lead, and aluminum, plus Radon 222.
  • Reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers, plus solvents, benzene, and detergents.
  • Clears water of silt, rust, sand, and debris, which cause unpleasant odors and flavors.
  • No-slip pistol grip.
  • Filter cartridge is replaceable, after 200 gallons or 6 months of use.
  • Tested in accordance with EPA protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53, by independent, third-party laboratories.
  • Provides clean, fresh, safe water anywhere in a short amount of time.

Click link below for test results

Seychelle water filter pitcher test results

The current processing time for orders is 1 to 5 business days

Free shipping on orders over $69.99 and $6.99 flat rate shipping for orders under $69.99  in Mainland 48 States only.  For all others please contact for shipping quote.

Questions & Answers

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  • Do the filters remove musty taste and oders?

    Yes, they do.

  • Does Seychelle fluoride filter Gen 2 pitcher removes giardia & viruses?

    No, you would need the ProOne pitcher filter. Here is the link to it.

    ProOne Water Filter Pitcher

  • Which pitcher can I use that will remove giardia and viruses? We camp and need this

    You would need the ProOne Pitcher filter. Here is a link to them.

    ProOne Water Filter Pitcher

  • How long will it last?

    They have a filtering capacity of around 200 gallons depending on your water quality.

  • What is the resultant pH of Seychelle filtered water?

    This one will not affect your pH. If you would like one that does then you would need the Alkaline pitcher. Here is a link to them.

    Seychelle Alkaline pH Pitcher Water Filter

  • If I didn't use the filter for a week or two, should I let it air dry?

    Yes if you aren't going to be using the filters for a week or two you should let them air dry and leave them out where the air can still circulate around them ( ie dish drainer or window sill etc )  When ready to use again you may have to filter and dump the first fill of the pitcher.  ( You will know by the taste )

  • How much are the replace filters

    Here is the link to them.

    Seychelle Pitcher Replacement Filter

  • How long will the order take to be delivered.

    Orders usually ship next business day, and take 3-5 business days for delivery depending upon where you are in the USA

  • I have a private well that is 80-100 ft. deep . can I purchase a filter that will do a similar cleaning of my water ? I do have a filter that only cleans muddy and dirty water once it comes into my home ( whole house ) filter that lasts for 3 months . thanks

    For well water, I would recommend the Propur pitcher as it also removes bacteria and can be used with untreated water. Here is the link to it.

    Propur Pitcher Water Filter

  • does this pitcher come with the two filters?

    Yes, it does come with 2 filters.

  • What is the difference between the regular Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher and the Seychelle PH20 Alkaline Water Pitcher? Do they both filter put the same stuff?

    Yes, they both filter the same contaminants. The only difference is the ph pitcher also raises the ph of your water

  • Exactly how tall is it?

    They are 10 3/4"

  • Where the spare parts of the filters are bought and how often they are Changed

    They have a filtering capacity of 200 gallons, usally4 to 6 months. Here is a link to them.

    Seychelle pitcher replacements

  • does it filter out radium -226

    No, this one will not, you would need the Radiological Pitcher Filter. Here is the link to it Seychelle radiological pitcher water filter

  • How long do replacement filters last?

    It has a filtering capacity of approx 200 gallons.

  • Is the filter replacement for the 2.0 pitcher $ 35 for the set ?

    Yes they are $35 for the set of two. Here is link to them Pitcher replacement filter

  • How Often Should The Pitcher Be Replaced

    Filter cartridge has a filtering capacity of 150 gallons or 6 months of use

  • Does the primer come with the filters?

    Yes there is a primer with every Pitcher filter and the replacement filters.

  • Does it need to be refrigerated or can I leave it out on my counter? I have the small seyshelle pitcher.

    Yes, you can leave it out on your counter.

  • How long (or how many gallons filtered) before filters require replacement?

    It has a filtering capacity of 150 gallons.

  • Where are the replacement filters for this? I can only find the regular replacements, not the fluoride replacement filters. Thanks!

    The regular filters do filter fluoride. All of Seychelle filters filter fluoride. Here is the link to them

  • Is there a shower filter that removes fluoride and chlorine?

    A shower filter is to small to fit enough media in it and the flow rate is to high to filter fluoride so it would only last a few days. You would need a whole house filter for that.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nancy Ahlquist
Not the best

I have only had the filters about a month and they are already filtering very slowly. Never had this issue before. Also, I don't like the cover as it is hard to get off.

9 times out of 10 if you re-flush the filters it will regain its flow rate. If that does not help please contact us.

Not happy with pitcher lid

The filter works great but I'm not thrilled with the pitcher lid. It's difficult to get off. If you leave the filters in while pouring water the water washes back through the filter so I take the filters out before pouring water and it's just difficult to remove because of the prongs that fit into the top. Everything else is great so far.

Filters Don't Last

I've owned a Seychelle water filter pitcher for seven years. I use to like it. In the past, new filters would produce a slow but steady stream that would take 12-15 minutes to filter a reservoir of water. Over time the filters slow down until the water barely drips, indicating it's time to replace the filters. This use to take 5 to 6 months. The past two years, the filters would slow down and only produce an excruciating slow drip after a month. My water & filter usage has remained constant over the past seven years. One set of filters produced this excruciating slow drip right out of the box.

Seychelle states to flush the filters if the filters slow down prematurely. This has never helped. In one case, the filters went from a slow drip to not filtering at all after flushing. I've contacted Seychelle twice about this and they never responded. replaced, or got Seychelle to replace, the one set that was slow right out of the box, but Seychelle themselves never responded to my two inquiries.

Seychelle's capacity claims are overstated. The capacity has been fine for my use, though the larger capacity would be better. Seychelle claims the upper reservoir holds 1/2 a gallon and the lower chamber holds a gallon. In reality, the upper chamber holds 6 cups and the lower chamber hold 3 quarts if filled up to the bottom of the upper reservoir. Some people claim you should not have the filters submerged in the filtered water, but I don't know if that matters. If that matters to you, the bottom chamber can hold about 8 cups before the water level starts to submerge the filters. If you remove the upper reservoir and filters, the lower chamber can hold a gallon, but you can't filter a gallon through the assembled system and have the chamber hold that amount.

Knute Johnson

Great Water Filtration System at a GREAT PRICE!

Ronnie Trusty
Drinking water

Does not work as good as the large filter pitcher

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