Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor

Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor
Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor
Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor
Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor
Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor
Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor
Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor

Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor



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Multipure MP750 Aquaversa

Multipure MP750 Aquaversa water filter has been tested and certified by NSF International to comply with NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 for the reduction of specific contaminants being considered as established or potential health hazards.

The Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter provides serious water filtration, a robust metal cylinder mounted to the side of the cabinet under your sink with a bracket. This sturdy filtration system, made out of rugged stainless steel, is intended to last a lifetime under regular use, though of course the filter cartridge inside requires periodic changing.

Options abound when it comes to setting up your Multipure MP750 Aquaversa water filter. Among your choices for arranging the filter are:

Mounting the filter to the cabinet wall with the included stainless steel bracket is the default setup. In this configuration, an included chrome designer faucet or custom color faucet that you choose is also used, requiring a 1/2" hole in the countertop or sink for proper installation. The cold water line only is hooked up to the filter, since, like all drinking water filters, it should not be used with hot water. The Multipure MP750 filter can also be converted to countertop use through the purchase and use of a separate conversion kit and acrylic base. The Multipure MP750 can also be used with an icemaker by fitting it with an ice maker tee. 

It comes with the standard chrome faucet or a custom color faucet and a capacity monitor. The capacity monitor measures the amount of water processed through the drinking water system and reminds you when to change the filter. The Capacity-metered faucet indicates filter change needed at approximately 1,200 gallons.

Benefits & Features

Convenience - With the Aquaversa attached to your sink from your countertop or as an under-sink water filtration system, you can enjoy cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water anytime you want it.

Taste - Aside from the improved taste of chlorine-free and contaminant-free drinking water, the Aquaversa can help improve the flavor of beverages you make from that water, such as coffee, tea, or concentrated juices.

Cooking - No need to worry that the chemicals in your cooking water will affect your food. Aquaversa filtered water is perfect for making pasta, soups, sauces, and other foods.

Pets - An Aquaversa MP750 water filter is a great way to provide clean and healthy drinking water for your pets.

Versatility - The Aquaversa can be installed on the countertop or below the sink, providing water filtration in the most convenient location.

Cost-Effective - The Aquaversa countertop or under-sink water filter is a great alternative to bottled water, whose costs can quickly and easily add up over time.

Peace of Mind - The Aquaversa countertop and under-sink water filter system is backed by our unparalleled customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty, allowing you to enjoy your system for years to come.

Protection - Protect your entire family from the dangers of harmful contaminants in unfiltered water by providing cleaner, healthier, Multipure water through the  MP750 Aquaversa water filter.


Cleansing properties of the Multipure MP750 Aquaversa Water Filter with Install Kit and Capacity Monitor

The Multipure MP750 offers thorough, effective reduction of drinking and cooking water, reducing unpleasant odors and flavors, plus many hazardous contaminants. The water produced is clean-tasting and makes good tea, coffee, or cocoa; provides crisp taste to soups and sauces; offers lots of quality for baby food and cereals; and is tasty, refreshing, and healthy to drink, too.

Mechanical filtration includes a 5-micron pre-filter to remove large particulate matter (sand, silt, rust) and the highly compacted carbon block. The interior of this block has an average 0.5-micron pore size, which can capture asbestos, turbidity, and the cysts of parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Electrokinetic absorption occurs in the graded-density pre-filter, which gains a positive electric charge when water flows through it. Negatively charged colloidal contaminants are captured and absorbed regardless of actual particle size.

Physical absorption is provided by the compacted carbon block itself, which soaks up numerous contaminants: heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum, and chromium; organics such as MTBEs, PCBs, chlordane, herbicides, pesticides, solvents, benzene, and other VOCs; and aesthetic contaminants (chlorine, chloramine).

Filter cartridges should be changed every 750 gallons. It is time to change a cartridge when the water flow slows, when odors or flavors become apparent, annually, or when you know that 750 gallons have been processed, whichever comes first. Unless you have the capacity monitor on the filter, then you would change the filter at 1,200 gallons

NSF/ANSI Certified to standards 42 and 53; certified by the state of California.

90 Days - Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Multipure Drinking Water System, Multipure will refund 100% of the purchase price minus any shipping charges

Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel Housing

The exterior stainless steel housing and plastic housing (canister) is warranted for use and will be repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE. You must make sure that you change the filter annually for a warranty to stay active.

12 Months - Accessories Warranty

All exterior hoses and attachments are warranted for use and will be repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE.

Multipure Independent Distributor ID #424553

MP750 Owners Manual

Aquaversa Specs

 Multipure Performance Data

The current processing time for orders is 1 to 5 business days

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Questions & Answers

Have a Question?

Ask a Question
  • Does the mounting bracket already come with the system or do I need to order the under sink kit for the wall Mount ?

    Yes, it comes with it.

  • Can I use another brand of faucet with this filter, or do I need to purchase a specific faucet for this filter? If a different faucet works, are their any concerns I need to be aware of when installing it?

    Yes, you can use any faucet that is for a water filter.

  • Does the Multi Pure unit remove natural minerals out of the water?

    No, they do not they leave the good minerals in the water.

  • Does this come with hoses and bracket for hook-up under the sink?

    Yes, it comes with the bracket and everything you need to hook it up and use.

  • How do under counter mount the MP750SB? Is there a bracket? If so please send Bracket# and or a picture. Thank you

    We do not have any photos of it, but if you scroll down to page 17 in the owner's manual it shows the bracket and how to install it. Here is the link to the manual. The item number is MC126.

    MP750 Owners Manual

  • Will Multipure device remove radon from the water?l

    Yes, it will filter up to 94.9% of radon.

  • The filter should be changed after 750 gallons. The capacity meter, however, doesn't require filter change until 1,200 gallons. Why have the capacity meter?

    Multipure has it set to 750 gallons or 1 year. But if you have the capacity meter, then it jumps to 1,200 gallons as it is keeping track for you, so you know exactly how much water has gone through the filter. You don't need the capacity meter, just make sure you replace the filter at least yearly for the warranty.

  • Can this model be used under the sink and if so what are the attachments needed?

    yes, you need to choose undersink install kit under the system options menu, and it will come with everything you need to hook up and use.

  • Does this filter meet NSF 53 with regard to "forever chemicals" (PFOS/PFOA, etc.)?

    This one does not but the Aquaperform does. If you go down to the end of the description you will see a link for performance data. Here is the link to it.

    Multipure Aquaperform MP880 Undersink Water Filter

Customer Reviews

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Great Customer Service

Order was shipped promptly. Questions before order were answered promptly. Had an issue with unit that I received, and was contacted by seller immediately. Seller also initiated contact with manufacturer. Issue was resolved quickly.

Absolutely perfect, above and beyond customer service. Will not hesitate to order from here again.

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