Your Shower Had Never Been So Clean and Healthy!

Your Shower Had Never Been So Clean and Healthy!

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Shower Filters
Cleaning and filtering drinking water is important to maintain good health but have you ever thought why you need shower filters? The water you get at your home might not be pure. The pathway it goes through dissolves a number of contaminants, which significantly affect water quality and composition. You may have heard about various chemical treatments that water needs to go through in order to reach you. Despite all efforts, water supply to your home contains harmful substances and may put your health at risk. People get water filtration systems installed to ensure clean drinking water but generally they neglect their showers considering them insignificant.

Leading dermatologists and health experts suggest that shower filters do make a positive difference in improving the health of your skin and hair. They do not allow chlorinated water to strip your skin and hair of essential moisture, making your skin and hair feel soft even after a hot shower. You will definitely agree with this point after suffering from rough and dull skin due to bathing in swimming pools treated with chlorine.

Imagine what your skin goes through as the water you use for shower contains chlorine and a number of other chemicals used for water treatment. You can shield yourself against the damaging effects of these chemicals by using shower filters.

Not only do you get cosmetic benefits such as youthful skin and softer hair with the use of shower filters but there are a number of health benefits as well. You will be amazed to know that you consume more chemicals taking a ten minute shower compared to drinking a gallon of water both having the same composition. The facts don’t end here. The absorption of toxins and other harmful chemicals is even more rapid when you take a hot shower. This is because the pores on your skin are wide open due to higher temperature allowing chemicals to be absorbed easily.

Think about the several health advantages that you can get by using shower filters. These filter systems prevent absorption of chlorine and other chemicals through the skin and inhalation. The inhalation and absorption of chlorine and other chemicals used for water treatment has been known to cause breast cancer and aggravation of medical conditions like asthma. You can now see the intense damaging effects that these chemicals have on your health when you are not protected during a shower.

Another reason why the use of shower filters is recommended is the fact that inhalation and absorption of chemicals produce adverse effects by directly entering your blood stream. They can aggravate respiratory problems and most users of shower filters have reported improvement in their condition with subsequent use. Most shower filters are specifically designed to remove chlorine, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and other synthetic chemicals from water. You can attach the shower filter directly to your shower outlet and get rid of all unwanted and hazardous chemicals to enjoy a cleaner and healthier shower.

Chlorine and other chemicals vaporize quickly, i.e. they become gaseous, and can be easily inhaled. Shower filters handle this issue efficiently and give you clean and filtered water even at high temperatures so you don’t need to worry even when taking hot showers. Most shower filter systems use a two step filtration process.

The first step involves water flowing through a copper/zinc media to remove chlorine and bring back water to its natural pH. The second step of filtration involves the removal of heavy metals, VOC and other synthetic chemical contaminants. Shower filters also reduce the amount of sediments, particulate matter and rust in water along with removal of awful odor.

If you have never used a shower filter before, it is time you get one to experience better and improved health. You will not only be able to cut down on the cost of buying moisturizing creams and lotions for drying skin but you will also feel more fresh and revitalized. Studies have shown that excess exposure to chlorine is a primary reason for fatigue, so using a filter system in your shower will raise your energy levels and help you perform better. You will have to worry less about your medical bills as shower filters will secure you from a number of medical ailments including respiratory infections, asthma and bronchitis. The regular use of these filters will leave you with fresh and youthful skin without the presence of wrinkles and skin rashes (both of which are attributed to the drying effects of chlorine on your skin). Showering in clean and pure water is not impossible now; all you need to do is get a shower filter!

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