Seychelle Portable Water Filters

Seychelle Portable Water Filters

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Seychelle Water Filters
Flexible, portable water purifying solutions are the province of Seychelle water filters, which address the need of people for clean water even at a distance from their kitchen sink. Everyone from global travelers to campers or outdoors enthusiasts may find themselves in need of a good, clean drink of water that they can rely on to refresh them, not give them diarrhea or a bad case of vomiting. This is Seychelle’s field, and the firm offers plenty of viable alternatives to those in need of portable personal water cleansing.

Though using bottled water can supply many of the same needs, there are many weaknesses to this plan that are better addressed using portable water filters, including:

(1) Bottled water may not be available everywhere.

(2) If you travel a lot, bottled water will soon add up to more than a portable filter costs.

(3) Bottled water may contain leached chemicals from the bottle walls.

(4) The process of bottling is ecologically destructive, and the bottles themselves are major contributors to the rafts of plastic befouling the oceans and killing sea life.

Seychelle water filters offer a clean, ecologically sensitive, thrifty alternative and have many different configurations for countless situations where an in-line or countertop filter simply cannot be brought or used.

Small Seychelle water filters

All portable filters must be small and lightweight enough to be carried from place to place. They need to fit into containers such as backpacks, purses, or carry-on luggage so that they can be efficiently brought to remote locations, away from pressurized water supplies. These devices also need to be maneuverable enough to be used quickly and comfortably to get a drink of water.

Seychelle water filters start with the smallest possible purification system with current technology, the water filter straw. These small cylindrical water filters have a limited capacity of around 25 gallons, yet can be borne anywhere that a hefty fountain pen can. They are 8” long and 1” in diameter, which is too large for a typical pocket but not for a fanny pack or glove compartment.

An assortment of water bottles in 18 ounce, 24 ounce, 27 ounce, and 28 ounce sizes are the next Seychelle water filters in terms of compactness and convenience. Though these bottles are made of plastic, they do not contain BPA (Bisphenol A), the highly harmful compound that leaches into standard bottled water from its cheap container.

These well-engineered, safe bottles are for longer term filtration than the straws can provide, and so are useful as a standard supply of clean water while hiking, traveling to areas where tap water may be contaminated, and so on.

Medium sized portable Seychelle water filters

Sometimes, you need a larger amount of water than straws or squeeze bottles can provide, but still have no ready access to countertop or inline filtration systems. Two examples could be a long hiking trip of several weeks deep in the wilds of Alaska or the Amazon, or renting an apartment for a business, tourist, or romantic trip in a central Asian country like Kazakhstan where the water is of dubious quality and the pipes may not be standard American sizes (so even if you brought a countertop filter, there would be no guarantee it would fit local hardware).

Seychelle water filters address these higher needs for water over a longer period with their medium sized portable variants. The filter pitcher the company makes is highly effective, removing 99.99% or more of bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, silt, and other contaminants. It can handle up to 150 gallons per cartridge, and holds half a gallon of water at once. Since it can be put in a refrigerator for cool, refreshing drinks, it is well suited to RV use, plus overseas apartment rentals and the like.

The water filter pouches and water filter bags are Seychelle water filters that are excellent for outdoor use. When empty, they are deflated and flat, enabling folding or rolling to make them super-compact for carrying. When used, they can be hung from a tree branch, forked stick, or even a vehicle antenna in a pinch, with gravity supplying the feed to quickly create potable water for your wilderness drinking and cooking needs.

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