Sprite Shower Filters How they Filter Shower Water

Sprite Shower Filters How they Filter Shower Water

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Sprite Shower Filters
Coming in several different configurations to match your bathroom needs, Sprite shower filters are justly noted as some of the foremost filters designed to eliminate chlorine from your bathing water. These filters are based around a special blend of zinc, copper, and calcium rather than carbon to meet the special requirements of transforming chlorine into innocuous chloride.
Filtered shower handles, also known as handheld shower filters, are one of Sprite shower filters' core products. The filter cartridge itself is a slender object located inside the part of the handle you grasp while showering, and is rated for 3,000 gallons of water before replacement. This translates to approximately three months of chlorine-free water.
Filtered shower handles from Sprite are high quality bathing hardware in their own right. The finish is either white or chrome, and is triple plated for durability. A 60” reinforced hose is also included. The Original Handheld has 3 spray functions (including massaging), while the Royale is 5-way and features elegant modern design.
The solid brass High output shower filter is one of the sturdiest filters made today. These Sprite shower filters are made for wall-mounted shower heads and come either with a conical designer shower head attached or without it so that you can fit your own standard-coupling head to the filter. These are, in effect, inline filters. The relatively large cylinder holds enough media to clean the chlorine out of your  bathing water for 1 full year (365 days).
The high output filter is made to withstand high water pressure and heavy use, with an extremely tough structure. The cartridge ought to be reversed every two months for best results. At your option, the high output filter comes with a massaging shower head, or as a standalone filter to which you can fit your own shower head.
Slim line filters are Sprite shower filters that occupy little space and include a cartridge that filters for 6 months before needing replacement, while all in one shower heads combine the filter housing and the spray nozzle into one device, and these offer up to 8 different spray settings.

Filtering technology of Sprite shower filters
Sprite shower filters eschew the carbon filtration media often found in drinking water purification devices, and with very good reason. Carbon is ineffectual for showers due to a variety of reasons. One such is that carbon only functions properly at water temperatures up to 80º Fahrenheit, while the average person uses water of between 85º and 105º to shower with, generally at the upper end.
At these temperatures, carbon cannot capture contaminants – in fact, any that it has absorbed will leach out and make the water even more contaminated than it was coming out of the pipe! Carbon also cannot handle the water pressure and volume involved in showering.
The filter cartridges found in Sprite shower filters contain a proprietary type of media called “Chlorgon” (which, of course is “chlor[ine] gone” turned into a word. This filter is a mix of zinc, copper, and calcium elements.
The Chlorgon doesn't filter the chlorine out of the water – instead, it reacts chemically with it, catalyzing a process that turns the chlorine into another state, chloride, which is harmless because the molecules are too large to fit through human pores. Chloride is also too large to evaporate into a gas at the temperatures in a shower. The filter cartridges are, almost literally, catalytic converters for your shower head.

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