Should Nursing Mothers Drink Filtered Water?

Should Nursing Mothers Drink Filtered Water?

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Should Nursing Mothers Drink Filtered Water?At this point in time, few would dispute that breast milk is the best food for human infants. Not only is it exactly what is needed for the growth of the human brain and body, but it contains antibodies that will help the new child build its immune system. Formulas based on cow’s milk tend to make infants overweight – cow’s milk is designed to help the calf build muscle tissue quickly, rather than develop the brain.

Not only does breastfeeding help to form a closer bond between mother and child, it may also help to prevent Type 1 Diabetes. Babies who are breastfed have a much lower incidence of this terrible disease than do those who are given a bottle of formula – and the longer nursing is continued the less likely the chance of diabetes.

That being said, there is a downside to nursing an infant, and that concerns the contaminants that may be present in the water. Over the decades, a number of very dangerous substances have found their way into the water table. Prior to legislation, companies simply dumped their industrial ‘garbage’ wherever they wished – into streams or lakes, or simply on the ground. Many of these elements can now be detected in drinking water, and will be passed on to the child in breast milk.

                                                The Villain List

It’s a bit depressing that so many dangerous substances were dumped so profligately until the 1970s when the EPA came into being. Although there had been previous legislation aimed at providing clean air and water, these measures were largely toothless.

Over the years, a number of very dangerous chemicals and substances have been added to our environment: dioxin, DDT, PCBs, heavy metals, and assorted volatile solvents. Most of these will persist in the soil and water for generations to come, and can have serious impacts on the health of those who ingest them. If a nursing mother drinks water containing these substances, they can be passed on to her nursing child. Contaminants such as these have been linked to:


  • Immune system damage.
  • Impaired neurological and motor function.
  • Liver damage.
  • Kidney damage.
  • Gastrointestinal upsets.

These problems have discouraged some women from breastfeeding for fear of harming their children. However, infant formula must be prepared with water and human milk contains more than enough benefits to outweigh any disadvantages – lessened chance of sudden infant death and a stronger immune system.

Protecting the Infant

While good nutrition by the mother will go a long way to providing the baby with nutritious, healthy milk, every family can take a further protective step: use a quality water filter.

Advanced technology has provided the way to remove basically every harmful pollutant from the water. Filtered water will be free of VOCs, POPs, heavy metals, and chlorine. These water filters will help assure that the water consumed by the mother will not contain substances that might be passed along to the child during nursing. Using a water filter will not only guarantee that your drinking water is safe for both mother and infant, but will help give everyone in the family water that is good for them.

Finding a good water filter for a nursing mother isn’t hard; there are many excellent products on the market. Always check to make sure that the specifications on the filter will cover all possible pollutants; pitcher filters generally only provide better tasting water rather than purified.


  • Countertop filters are a convenient and economical way to provide safe water, and one of the best is the Aquacera water filters This filter will remove the harmful substances and compounds that might be passed to the infant through breast milk.
  • Mothers who use water or ice from the fridge will appreciate the Aquacera Inline Refrigerator Fluoride Plus Water Filter. Removing harmful elements at a sensible price is exactly what this filter does.

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