Remove Bacteria From Drinking Water with a Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Remove Bacteria From Drinking Water with a Ultraviolet Sterilizer

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Your Most Effective Weapon against Biological Contaminants in Water

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Ultraviolet water filters use UV lamps or UV light source to provide easy and cost effective protection against a number of biological contaminants in water. The quality of drinking water may change with time as it can be contaminated with bacteria or other pathogenic microorganisms. As a homeowner you would like to have quality drinking water available at all times to keep yourself and your family safe. You can use ultraviolet water filters in all kinds of residential settings to make sure every glass of water you drink is pure and healthy.

Biological contaminants are capable of producing a number of illnesses and harming your health. Specifically, these bacteria and viruses are not visible to the naked eye unlike particulate sediments which can be seen suspended in water. These unseen agents can produce a number of water borne diseases including typhoid fever (caused by Salmonella typhi), gastroenteritis (caused by Salmonella enteritidis) and Cholera (caused by Vibrio cholera). Unsafe drinking water may also contain Mycobacterium tuberculosis and viruses responsible to cause influenza, hepatitis and polio.

Ultraviolet water filters are easy to use water purifying systems that can effectively get rid of annoying and harmful biological contaminants in drinking water. The ultraviolet lamps ensure continuous purification without causing any interruptions or hindrances in water flow. This system offers several unique advantages compared to other forms of water treatment employed for removal of microbial contamination.

These ultraviolet water filters do not release any type of chemicals or other by-products into water during the purification process unlike other treatments, which may cause significant alterations in the taste, smell and appearance of water. In addition to providing clean and pure drinking water, ultraviolet water filters do not modify the pH of water and, therefore, cause no harm to your plumbing system and water pipes. You can also get ultraviolet water filters installed easily to work with other existing water filter systems in your home.

Most ultraviolet lamps and filter systems are only capable of reducing microbial (biological) contamination in water including bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, algae and giardia. They have less significant or virtually no impact on other water contaminants and impurities such as chlorine, sediment, industrial effluent, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. For making your water supply pure from a wide range of contaminants, you can use ultraviolet water filters together with a preinstalled efficient water filtration system at your home.

Ultraviolet light is known to kill a number of microorganisms by interfering with their cellular structure. Microbes that are invisible to human eyes cannot escape the light source installed in ultraviolet water filters. As water flows through the filter system, harmful pathogens and microbes are exposed to specific wavelength(s) of ultraviolet light. The microbial DNA, which forms an important part of the structure of these organisms, absorbs ultraviolet light, which results in ‘inactivation’ of the pathogens. The microbes are no longer able to reproduce further, hence cannot cause any outbreaks (infections) and the water is considered pure. You can also call this filtration process ‘germicidal’ i.e. the process kills germs and they no longer render a threat to your health.

You should keep in mind that the sole purpose of these ultraviolet water filters is the elimination of microbes or pathogens that are living or biological in nature. If your water supply has other issues like contamination with heavy metals, chlorine, chemicals or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds that produce noticeable changes in odor, appearance and taste of water), you should use an ultraviolet treatment system together with reverse osmosis or any other suitable water filter to provide clean water. A supporting water filter system will allow your UV lamp to provide better protection against microbes as light will not be obstructed by sediment or the presence of other particulate matter in water.

Most homeowners have a feeling that ultraviolet water filters may not be energy efficient and thus are unaffordable. The good news is that you have this filter system installed at your home as it is indeed very affordable and consumes energy equivalent to a 60 watt bulb used for regular lighting. You don’t need to call experts for a simple bulb change in your equipment but you can do it easily on your own.

Like other light bulbs, a UV bulb does lose its optimal performance with time and needs to be replaced. Most systems prefer annual bulb replacement to maintain optimal performance and give you superior protection. You need to have your light source replaced at required intervals. Although you may see light coming out of the source, it may not necessarily produce the required intensity of ultraviolet light for killing microbial growth.

If you want an effective and environment friendly water filter system, an ultraviolet water filter will be a great addition to your home.

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