Pitcher Water Filters Good or Bad?

Pitcher Water Filters Good or Bad?

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Most people do not get enough water during a day. To make drinking water more convenient for your family, use a water filter pitcher to provide clean, cold, and refreshing water.

Even though it’s important to stay hydrated, drinking regular tap water can actually be quite harmful to your health. Regular tap water contains thousands of different contaminants including bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and chlorine. Even if you think your tap water is fine, filter it before drinking it just to be on the safe side. Most of these contaminants are too small to be seen and may not make the water smell or taste bad, but they can still be bad for your health.

A water filter pitcher provides clean, great-tasting water, chilling it in the refrigerator until it’s ready to drink. They are designed in a compact size that will fit conveniently into your fridge, yet most have a large capacity that is perfect for entertaining or providing enough water for a large family. The stylish yet compact design is perfect for placing on a table or countertop, making a much more attractive choice than a case of bottled water.

Although many people choose a faucet filter to provide clean drinking water, keep in mind that this cannot be taken with you when you travel. A water filter pitcher is the ideal choice for travelers, college students, or anyone else who finds themselves away from home and a filtered water source.

Choose a water filter pitcher with several stages of filtration to remove all of the different types of contaminants that may be found in your tap water. Some types of water filters only remove chlorine. Although this is one of the most important contaminants to remove, there are other types of contaminants that also pose a danger. For example, many water filter pitcher models remove not only chlorine but also bacteria, sediment, rust, and heavy metals. These are a better choice if you want to be sure that the water is safe.

A water filter pitcher will filter 40 to 2,000 gallons of water depending on what brand you Purchase, enough to last two to twelve months for the average family. Replacing the filters in the water filter pitcher is much less expensive than buying cases of bottled water. The water will always be cold, clean, and refreshing, and you’ll never have to worry about buying new bottles of water again. A water filter pitcher can provide sparkling clean and healthy drinking water, and a way to filter your drinking water should be one of your top priorities when safeguarding the everyday health of your family.

Selecting a Pitcher Water Filter

One of the most affordable and portable water filters available today is the pitcher water filter. While the pitcher water filter has many advantages, it also has a few drawbacks. This article looks at pitcher water filters and offers some tips on how to select one.

Of the many benefits pitcher water filters offer, price is a topper. These filters are very affordable and are often on sale. As is true with all water filters, the filters have to be changed out from time to time, but these relatively inexpensive as well.

Another benefit pitcher water filters offer is portability. You can carry one from kitchen to dining room with ease. They are a great item to have when you go camping or vacation on a cruise ship. A pitcher water filter can go virtually anywhere.

Ease of use is yet another benefit. You simply pour tap water into the top of the pitcher, allow it to filter through, and that is that.

Lastly on the benefit's side is versatility. You can buy filters that general in nature or you can buy filters that will solve specific water issues such as removal of chlorine taste from drinking water.

On the downside, pitcher water filters can only filter a small amount of water at any one time. For those with large families, this can pose a problem. The amount of water that can be filtered at any one time will depend on the size of the pitcher.

One solution to this supply problem is to buy more than one pitcher filter and have them all filtering at the same time. Because these products are so affordable, this is a very viable option for most homes.

When you are shopping for a pitcher water filtering system, consider how much treated water you need at any one time. If you only need a small amount, then go with the pitcher that meets those needs. If you need a larger amount of water, think about buying more than one, and look for discounts. Some water filter vendors will offer incentives to those who are buying more one.

The second thing to keep in mind is the state of your local water. As mentioned above, you can buy filters that will handle general water issues or specialty filters. For most consumers, the general filters will be fine. But if you know you have a specific problem with your water, look for filters that will solve those problems.

Do keep in mind that special filters often cost more, and in some cases, can cost a lot more than general purpose filters.

If you are looking a simple, affordable way to filter your drinking water, carafe water filtering systems may be the solution. Look into them. You might be surprised at how efficient these pitcher water filters can be for home use purposes

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