Aquacera Twin Countertop Fluoride Plus Water Filter System

Aquacera Twin Countertop Fluoride Plus Water Filter System

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Fluoride has troubled people since it was first introduced into the water systems of America decades ago. The rationale for fluoridating water was to help prevent the development of dental caries in children. This assumption was based on findings from an early observation of people drinking water that was naturally full of fluoride – it was noted that these people had discolored and stained teeth, but few cavities.

Be this as it may, it should be noted that fluoridation was promoted by an adjunct of the fertilizer industry, which had been troubled by lawsuits from fluoride-laden factory fumes poisoning crops and crippling cattle. The efforts of the phosphate fertilizer industry led to about 3/4 of the US water supply being treated with this toxin; in effect, mass medication, whether anyone wanted it or not.

Dangerous to Children

Fluoride causes a number of potentially serious health problems, some acute, and some chronic. These will show up more quickly in children and will include:

  • Dental fluorosis involving not only discolored teeth, but teeth that have been eaten away by fluoride.
  • Weakening of the bones, perhaps leading to osteoporosis in later years, particularly in women.
  • Increasing the amount of lead absorbed into the child’s body from the drinking water. It seems that the acidic fluoride will leach lead out of old lead piping or out of solder used with newer copper or brass pipes.
  • Children who are diabetic may find that fluoride will skew their blood sugar levels and produce a more severe form of the disease.
  • Fluoride can also interfere with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones that ‘run’ the body. Generally, damage to the thyroid gland from fluoride causes hypothyroidism, where enough hormone for proper metabolism is not produced.

A Solution

For those who are worried about exposure of their children to fluoridation, the Aquacera Twin Countertop Fluoride Plus Water Filter System is the answer. Easy to install on your existing tap, you will find that this filter will remove around 90% of fluoride from the water – if you want to protect your children’s teeth with fluoride, have your dentist apply it topically at the office.

In addition to removing fluoride, the Aquacera Twin Countertop also provides safer, and better tasting, drinking and cooking water by filtering out heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, cysts, sediment, and even arsenic. In order to get as much mileage out of the filter elements as possible, a diverter switch will allow you to choose between water that has gone through the filter and ordinary tap water. The latter can still be used for washing dishes or other cleanup chores. The filter elements have a capacity of 1500 to 800 gallons (or about 1 year of use) before they must be replaced.

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