Aquacera Teros Countertop Ultra-Filtration Water Filter

Aquacera Teros Countertop Ultra-Filtration Water Filter

Aquacera Teros Countertop Ultra-Filtration Water Filter


The Teros™ range of Ultra-Filtration systems improve upon our original CeraGuard UF system in performance, capacities and filtration. Teros™ systems incorporate our latest Gen.2 Hollow Fiber membrane technology. 

Teros™ Gen.2 membranes include 50% more fibers in order to achieve flow rates satisfactory for daily use without the use of a storage tank; this technology allows for the first time a countertop version.

All Teros™ systems utilize our powerful AquaMetix® block technology which addresses multiple challenging contaminants in a single filter, for a complete purification filtration system. Teros is Greek for “guard”, the progression of our hollow fiber and filtration technologies allows these systems to watch over your water, as a guard.

The Teros™ CounterTop UF system combines our Gen2 Hollow Fiber membranes made of PES and our AquaMetix® block filter element to provide a comprehensive filtration system in a countertop system offering >0.5 gallon per minute flow rates. The Teros™ is readily attached to an existing faucet via a diverter valve which allows filtered or unfiltered water to be drawn from the existing faucet. Ergonomically designed for easy installation, and only spent filters need to be replaced.



  • >99% Chloramine reduction
  • >99% Chlorine reduction
  • >99% Lead reduction
  • >98% VOC’s reduction
  • >98% Heavy metals reduction
  • >92% Nitrates reduction
  • >85% Fluoride reduction
  • UF Membrane 18-24 months
  • AquaMetix® candle 3500 gallons/13250 liters—Chlorine
  • 1750 gallons/6600 liters—Chloramines
  • 1150 gallons/4350 liters—Lead

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Kathryn Dorr
Highly, highly happy with this! 5⭐️‘s!

I’ve had migraines off and on for six months since moving to a new town. I eat very clean, take supplements, avoid excess EMF, ground outside, take 0 medications, etc.- but that didn’t stop my frequent migraines and headaches.

About 2 months ago I looked at the EWG water report for my new town and was horrified to see there was 626x the accepted Arsenic levels, 31x Nitrate levels, 9.4x Chromium, 36x Chloroform and many, many more toxic, cancerous additives that aren’t found naturally.

After using this filter faithfully for a month straight, I can truthfully say that I have had one headache this entire time, and it was not even a migraine! I am so, so grateful to have been pointed to this, it has been worth every single penny.

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