ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements

ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements
ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements
ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements
ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements
ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements

ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements


The ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Filter System is small in size for portability and is great for use in tight spaces. The system requires no electricity to provide reliable water filtration just about anywhere whether at home, office, vacation, camping, or college dorm! Works with just about any water source including tap, lake, river, stream, pond, and rainwater.  

  • -Removes over 200+ contaminants, like Lead,  Fluoride, and VOC’s. Visit our lab reports for full details on the 200+ tested contaminants
  • -No electricity or plumbing required
  • -30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee, 5-year limited warranty (Stainless), 1-year limited warranty (ProOne® G2.0)
  • -ProOne G2.0 ceramic filters are NSF/ANSI – 42 component certified – Independent lab tested to NSF standards 42, 53, P231, microplastics, 1,4 Dioxane, Microcystin, emerging contaminants, PFOAS (GenX), TTHM’s, Fluoride, Lead, and more
  • -Infused bacteriostatic outer ceramic shell and proprietary carbon-based granular media inside the core of the filter
  • -Includes stainless 304 spigot, a non-slip pad, and stainless steel stand
  • Choose from a polished or brushed finish


For best product care, clean the entire filtration system once a month and replace the filter when necessary. Please see the instruction manual for further details on product cleaning and maintenance.


ProOne Gravity System including the ProOne G2.0 Ceramic Gravity Countertop Water Filter and stainless steel housing are NSF/ANSI-42 Component Certified!

ProOne Traveler+ system features include: 

  • Recommended for 1 to 3 person
  • 2.25-gallon capacity
  • Standard # of filters: 1
  • Maximum # of filters: 2
  • Height: 20.5"
  • Diameter: 8.5”
  • High-quality 304 polished stainless steel
  • Embossed Propur™ 304 Logo
  • Includes one ProOne® G2.0 5" filter or 2 G2.0 7" filters


The current processing time for orders is 1 to 5 business days

Free shipping on orders over $69.99 and $6.99 flat rate shipping for orders under $69.99  in Mainland 48 States only.  For all others please contact for shipping quote.

Questions & Answers

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  • I have a well that was tested positive for Cholera bacteria. Would this be able to filter that out?

    Yes, it will filter it out.

  • I have a Berkey and was wondering if you could match me up with filters that would work. I have the stainless steel 1.5 gallon travel size with 2 charcoal cylinder filters. I need a better option. Thank you for your help.

    Any of the ProOne filters will fit. Here is the link to the 9" and 7" filter

    9" ProOne Filters

    7" ProOne Filters

  • Are the gaskets around the filters rubber, silicone, or tpe/plastic/ nylon?

    They are food grade silicone

  • I only need the ProOne G2.o5 filter....I don't see it to purchase

    Here is the link to the G2.0 5" filter.

    ProOne 5" Replacement Filters

  • Does this unit filter, kill ,or neutralize viruses?

    Yes, it will filter 99.99% of viruses.

  • Does the ProOne filter work on well water that has a softener system on it...the Berkey does not work with softened water and I am looking for an alternative...

    Yes, it will work on well water with a softener the only thing is if you are trying to remove salt from the softened water it will not remove sodium.

  • Do you still have the small size for 1 or 2 people? 1.6 gallon? I do not see it on this site. Thank you

    This is the smallest one we have.

  • Can the spigot be replaced, say with a plastic one? Can the spigot be removed for cleaning? Are there replacement gaskets for the spigot. The Berkey needs new gaskets and a spigot every 4 months because they get covered with green slim. Think about it, the chlorine and fluoride are removed in the tank with consumable / filtered water

    Yes, it can be replaced and it can be removed for cleaning.

  • Do you sell 2 filter ones that are steel?

    This one will hold 2 filters you just have to purchase another set of filters for it. Or you can purchase the big that comes with 2 filters. Here is the link to it.

    ProOne big+ Gravity Water Filter

  • In the reference standard of PPM at what level or number the water comes out of the filter using municipal tap water....and does it filter fluoride out of the water...

    If you go to the bottom of the description you can click on the test results and it will show you what percent of contaminants is removed. yes, it does filter fluoride.

  • Hi. How many gallons of water is the filter good for before you have to replace it?

    It has a filtering capacity of 900 gallons per filter.

  • I'm thinking about buying your product and wanted to know how does your filters compare to the black berkey filters? Is ONE filter enough? The smallest Berkey can accept 2 filters. Any chance i can order one with 2 holes for extra filtration? Thanks for your time.

    We feel the Propur filters are better than the Black Berkey elements. We have the Propur Big that comes with 2 filters and can hold up to 3. Here is the link to them.

    Propur ProOne Big Gravivty Water Filter


    It takes around 4 hours for a whole reservoir to filter through.

  • Does it clean water as dirty as pond water in case of an emergency like a Berkley does?

    Yes, it does.

  • Are these new or used, and do they come with the company's 1 year warranty?

    We only sell new items. Every product we sell comes with the manufacturer's warranty.

  • How much water does this hold?

    The water reservoir ( bottom can / filtered water ) holds 1.6 gallons

  • How tall is the Propur Traveler filter if the lid is not included?

    The lid is only 1.5 to 2" tall. so it would 16.5 to 17" tall

  • We have a natural spring at our cabin. We are concerned with bacteria so would you recommend one filter or two?

    They all filter bacteria; you will have a faster flow rate if you choose the 2 7" filters and a more extended filtering capacity, as the 7" filters have a filtering capacity of 1000 gallons per filter, and the 5" filters have a capacity of 900 gallons.

  • How often do you have to replace a filter? How many gallons of water can be run through before replacement?

    The 5" filter has a capacity of 6 months or 900 gallons per filter, and the 7" filter is six months or 1000 gallons per filter.

  • Does your system eliminate pfas from tap water

    Yes, it does filter PFAs.

  • How often do you have to replace the filter?

    The 5" filter has a filtering capacity of 900 gallons per filter and the 7" is 1000 gallons per filter.

  • How do you know when you need a need a new filter? Dies it change color?

    The 7 inch filter has a filtering capacity of 6 months or 1000 gallons and the 5 inch filter has a capacity of 900 gallons or 6 months. Or when the bad taste comes back.

  • What is the difference between the filters and do they remove arsenic?

    The only difference is the 5" have a filtering capacity of 900 gallons per filter and the 7" has 1,000.  Yes they do filter arsenic.

  • Is there a difference in performance between 5” and 7” filters? Can you provide descriptions of their differences and attributes? Also, do they leave all the good minerals in?

    No, they filter the same. The 7 inch has a 1000 gallon filter capacity where the 5 has 900 gallons. Yes they leave the good minerals in.

  • Hi, I received my 1 ProOne travel Filter and have set it up. I have filled it up and drained it 4 times. Each I tested the water with myTDS. The most current lowest reading I got was 153. Tap water directly from the city is 163. My TBs ways hard water is around 100-150. So, I want to make sure, at 153 it is still drinkable? I have a RO system and I get a reading around 5. I am guessing, the 153 contains things like calcium minerals? I want to say I tried the Berkey and didn't like it. I think, yours is much better. Looking to hear your response. Thank you

    Yes, it is working fine and drinkable you are correct the tds reading is the good minerals in the water. A tds meter is not a good test for water filters they are more for reverse osmosis systems as they remove the good minerals and the contaminants so it lets you know when to replace the ro membrane.

    TDS isn't a measurement of water safety

    A TDS test only inorganic contaminants, which is only one type of contaminant. It does not test for organic contaminants, such as VOC’s, chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, or solvents and it does not test for biological contaminants, such as bacteria and parasites.

    Inorganic means "material such as sand, salt, iron, calcium salts, and other mineral materials. Inorganic substances are of mineral origin.

    You should not depend on a TDS meter as the only measurement of water quality. Disinfection Byproducts like Trihalomethanes, Volatile Organic Compounds, METHYL tertiary-butyl ether, chlorine, chloramines, cysts and lead are the primary contaminants to Public Water Systems. They have no impact on the conductivity of the water. Yet these do not register on a TDS meter. 

  • ;Does it come with the little stand? Is that included in the height mentioned? What is the price of filter and please provide a link to it. Thank you

    Yes, it comes with the stand. No it is not included in the height you would add 6 inches. Here is the link to the replacement filters.

    ProOne 5" replacement Filters

  • I have a Big Berkey 2.5 gal with 2 filters Can you match m,e up with ProOne filters that will fit? Also do you have test strips or something to test the water?

    You can use the 7" or the 9" ProOne filters. Here are the links to it. No, we do not sell test strips.

    ProOne 7" Filters

    ProOne 9" Filters

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pamela Lyn Peterson

ProOne Traveler+ Gravity Water Filter with ProOne G2.0 Filter Elements

Tastes Great

After researching several filter brands I am happy with my purchase. The unit came as promised and was in good condition and easy to assemble. Cheers!

ProOne G2.0 5” Filter Element

the proone did a fantastic job of filtering out the minerals from my well next to a lake which my cabin uses.

Glenda Botello
Glenda b

Very impressed with my new water system. Called and ordered extra filters to have on hand. Professional, friendly fast service. Thank you. I would recommend this product for great tasting filtered water.

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