ProOne Inline Connect Refrigerator Water Filter

ProOne Inline Connect Refrigerator Water Filter

ProOne Inline Connect Refrigerator Water Filter


Ready for better-tasting ice and drinking water? The ProOne ProMax Inline Refrigerator Water Filter is an easy-to-install inline filter for refrigerators and ice makers. It’s designed to improve water taste and smell while removing harmful microorganisms, sediment, and unwanted chemicals before they reach your cup or water bottle. 

Each stage of the ProMax filtration mechanism has an infused microstructure filtration media designed to target specific harmful contaminants, giving you and your family peace of mind – as well as clean water and ice. Featuring ProMaxTM Filter Technology, the BPA-free plastic housing unit filters out over 200 contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, Lead, Fluoride, PFOA, and more.

ProMax Inline Water Filters can be installed without professional help – the one-piece self-contained design has an easy mounting clip, no complicated outer mechanisms, and no separate filter cartridge to replace. The filter connects directly to the water supply line going to the refrigerator, utilizing your refrigerator unit’s standard 1/4” copper or plastic tubing. A flow rate of .50 GPM keeps a steady flow from the tap.

While generally designed for household refrigeration and ice making, these versatile filters are perfect for RVs, campers, boats, motor homes and commercial water coolers. Heavy metals, chlorine taste and odor can be problematic in recreational vehicle water tanks. ProMax inline filtration system uses activated charcoal to neutralize odors while removing undesirable contaminants, for the purest drinking water possible.

Recommended universal inline refrigerator water filter replacement: up 9 to months.

PM100-IC System Specifications:

  • Nylon compression fittings included
  • Cold water use only
  • Housing dimensions: 13.5″ tall x 2.75″ diameter
  • ProMaxTM Filter Technology
  • One-piece self-contained design
  • Includes mounting clip and screw
  • Easy to install
  • Universal fit
  • Fits 1/4″ copper or plastic tubing
  • Maximum flow rate is .50 GPM
  • Maximum pressure: 125 psi
  • Minimum temperature: 35° F
  • Contaminant Reduction: Refer to Lab Report
  • If maximum pressure is anticipated to exceed 125 psi, use a pressure-reducing valve, not included.


Filter Technology

Introducing new ProMax high efficiency, encapsulated, multi-stage water filter technology from ProOne. 

Each stage is comprised of a unique proprietary formula of infused microstructure filtration media designed to target a specific group of contaminants. Contains no resins or beads. Engineered for unsurpassed performance and maximum contaminant reduction.

Independent lab reports show the ProMaxTM reduces/removes a broad range of 200 + contaminants including VOCs, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVC’s, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS, and micro-organisms. Helps improve taste and odor. Tested to NSF-42 and 53 standards. See ProMax Lab Reports for details. Unlike carbon block and ceramic composite filters, ProMaxTM filters do not require cleaning to help maintain flow rate and contaminant reduction.

ProMax filter technology is available on select ProOne products including ProOne Shower Filter, Countertop, and In-line for the refrigerator.


Lab Results for Promax Countertop & Inline

Instruction Booklet

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  • How does this compare to ProPur filter? Fittings the same ? As an in line filter

    It is the ProPur they just changed their name to ProOne.

  • Would this filter work for viruses, and also do we still need to boil water when mandated

    No, this will not filter bacteria or viruses. You would need a ProOne gravity system, Pitcher filter, or Coldstream system. Here is the link to the ProOne water filters.

    ProOne Water Filters

  • Does this fit a whirlpool MOD. WRS322FDAB05 ? Serial number HR60920757 thanks

    This is a filter that goes into the water line that goes to your refrigerator ( usually connects behind )

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Saratoga Jake
Good Filter - Plastic Connectors?

Very good filter, have purchased numerous times. Surprised that the latest filter has plastic connectors instead of metal ones.

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