Multipure Aquaperform MP880 Undersink Arsenic Plus Water Filter

Multipure Aquaperform MP880

Multipure Aquaperform MP880 Undersink Arsenic Plus Water Filter



The most technologically advanced water treatment devices available, providing the BEST in performance - reduces all of the contaminants that the other Multipure Drinking Water Systems do, PLUS ARSENIC!

The Multipure aquaperform MP880 arsenic water filter comes with its own designer faucet and may be connected to the icemaker. Stainless Steel housing with a round bottom. Replacement filter model CB11As.

How the Multipure Aquaperform MP880 Arsenic Water Filter Works

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are designed to provide the utmost in performance, safety, and convenience. The replaceable triple-action filter has been formulated using materials that will provide the highest quality drinking water without removing the healthful, natural minerals. Multipure's carbon block filters combine mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption, and physical adsorption to provide the most effective contaminant reduction possible.

Water enters the filter through a graded density pre-filter, which acquires a positive molecular charge in a moving stream of water. Since most colloidal contaminants exhibit a negative charge in solution, the media fibers will electrokinetically adsorb charged colloidal particles too small for removal by mechanical straining. The media combines the technology of mechanical straining, for the removal and retention of solid and semi-solid contaminants that can cause premature clogging, and electrokinetic adsorption for the reduction of colloidal contaminants down to the submicron (0.5 microns) range. Then the water passes through the highly compacted solid carbon block filter that also is designed to mechanically filter particles down to sub-micron size, including cyst.

The highly compacted solid carbon block filter media is a blend of selected activated carbons and other materials that reduce inorganics as well as organic compounds. Many carbons are selected with a high surface area and high retentivity characteristics. The formulation of the Multipure CB11As filter includes a specially developed arsenic adsorptive media that is blended with the carbons. The materials are formed into a carbon block, which is densely compacted to enhance the kinetics of the filter and provide performance that cannot be achieved with other filtration technologies. With the Multipure CB11As carbon block filter, the water contact time is longer and provides for greater adsorption of many different chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, certain heavy metals, and arsenic.

The solid carbon block filters are exceptionally uniform and do not channel or allow bypass as conventional granular activated carbon filters (GAC) are known to do. Unlike conventional GAC filters that become incubators of bacteria, the densely compacted Multipure filters eliminate this problem because there is no room for growth in the compressed carbon.

Finally, the water passes through a post-filter, which provides integral strength to the carbon block section and prevents material degradation of the filter. The threaded polypropylene end caps seal the carbon block and assure the integrity of the seal between the filter and the housing.

Capacity ratings apply to the chemical adsorption capabilities of the carbon and specialized media. Filter life will vary in proportion to the amount of water used and the level of impurities in the water being processed. Claims of capacity aren't applicable to contaminants reduced by mechanical filtration because of wide variations in the quality and quantity of physical matter in the drinking water. The carbon block filter is engineered so that contaminants removed by mechanical filtration will cause the flow rate to decrease, and the filter will clog. It is recommended that the filter is replaced when the first of the following occurs: (a) annually; (b) the unit's rated capacity is reached; (c) the flow rate diminishes; (d) the filter becomes saturated with bad tastes and odors.

The effectiveness of any drinking water treatment device is measured by the performance of its filter. Multipure's solid carbon block filters effectively treat a broad spectrum of contaminants of aesthetic as well as a health concern, making it the technology of choice for consumers throughout the world.

You can choose from 3 different options for your Aquaperform MP880 water filter

1) You can select just the inline version that you hook up to your existing faucet that takes a 1/4 inch line from the filter system. You can also use this to hook up to an in-line application such as a coffee machine, refrigerator, bottle-less water cooler, etc. Please NOTE you cannot add a faucet under faucet options for the Inline version.

2) You can choose the option for the under sink kit that comes with a faucet and install kit with everything you need to install and use. You can choose the standard chrome faucet that comes with the system, or you can choose a custom color faucet under the faucet color options above. Please NOTE you have to select a faucet under faucet options above if you choose an install kit with a faucet or the kit with the capacity monitor and install kit.

3) You can choose the option for the under sink kit that also comes with the standard chrome faucet or a custom color faucet and a capacity monitor. The capacity monitor measures the amount of water processed through the drinking water system and reminds you when to change the filter. The Capacity-metered faucet indicates filter change needed at approximately 1,200 gallons.

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  • Have you any reverse osmosis combined with carbon water filters? How much? If not which water filters do you recommend?

    All of our reverse osmosis systems have carbon and other filtration with them. Here is a link to them.

    Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

  • How do know when to change the filter?

    You should change it yearly or when the bad taste or water flow slows way down.

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