Crystal Quest Arsenic Whole House Water Filter

Crystal Quest Arsenic Whole House Water Filter
Crystal Quest Arsenic Whole House Water Filter
Crystal Quest Arsenic Whole House Water Filter
Crystal Quest Arsenic Whole House Water Filter

Crystal Quest Arsenic Whole House Water Filter


Remove Arsenic from Your Drinking Water

Arsenic (As) enters drinking water supplies from natural deposits in the earth or from agricultural and industrial practices. Surface arsenic-related pollutants enter the groundwater system by gradually moving with the flow of groundwater from rains, melting snow, etc. Arsenic won’t affect the taste or smell of drinking water enough to call attention to such contamination. Like many contaminants in drinking water, arsenic is potentially hazardous at levels or concentrations that do not impart a noticeable taste, odor, or appearance of the water.

Arsenic is not easily dissolved in water. Therefore, if it is found in a water supply, it usually comes from mining or metallurgical operations or from runoff from agricultural areas where materials containing arsenic were used as industrial poisons. Arsenic in water has no color, taste or odor. Arsenic and phosphate easily substitute for one another chemically, therefore commercial grade phosphate can have some arsenic in it. Arsenic is highly toxic and has been classified by the US EPA as a carcinogen, which was derived from toxicity considerations rather than carcinogenicity. The current MCL for arsenic is 0.010 mg/l as of 01/23/06.


Water flows through a 20” sediment cartridge that removes sediment, silt, sand, and dirt.


Water flows through a 20" solid carbon cartridge for removing volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC's), & any remaining insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents.

Arsenic Removal Water Filter

Water flows through an Arsenic reducing mineral tank.

SMART Water Filter (optional)

Water flows through our SMART special house blend of 2 types of coconut-shell GAC (including Catalytic) with 2 types of Eagle Redox Alloys® (9500 & 6500) & anion exchange resin. This blend effectively reduces & removes heavy metals, chlorine & chloramine, pesticides & herbicides, pharmaceutical by-products & other inorganic substances such as petroleum byproducts. Ceramic and Tourmaline balls to enhance the water and maintain a more alkaline pH. 

 Important to Know

Pinholes or rust may occur on stainless steel tanks in environments with high humidity, when salt is present or if condensation remains on tank without being routinely wiped down. If your system will be exposed to one of these factors or you are unable to perform the needed maintenance, we recommend a fiberglass tank.

 Product Manual


Filter Media Volume 1.5 cubic feet 2.0 cubic feet
Capacity (gallons) 1,000,000 1,500,000
Service Flow (GPM) 9-11 10-13
Tank Dimensions 10" x 54" 12" x 52"
Material Stainless Steel or Fiberglass Stainless Steel or Fiberglass
Backwash Automatic Automatic

The current processing time for orders is 1 to 5 business days

Free shipping on orders over $69.99 and $6.99 flat rate shipping for orders under $69.99  in Mainland 48 States only.  For all others please contact for shipping quote.

Questions & Answers

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  • Does the system filter both arsenic 3 & 5?. Where is it manufactured?

    Yes it does reduce / remove both depending upon the levels. It is manufactured in the USA Kenesaw GA

  • How many ppb is this capable at removing? Does it effectively remove arsenic 3? Our levels range from 245 - 505 ppb.

    It will address the Arsenic 3 as well.  At lower level 245ppb would reduce arsenic by 90-95% and at higher level 505ppb maybe reduce to 80-85%.  For best results with removing the Arsenic 3  Chlorination of the well would help to reduce this greatly.  You could chlorinate quarterly ( every 3 months  to start )  This is using 1 gallon of chlorine bleach to every 20 feet of well letting it set overnight if possible to get maximum results.  There is also a dosing system that could be added to the system. ( contact me for more info if interested 800-978-8408 ) 

    I would recommend the 2.0 cf version ( not listed on our web site )  CQE-WH-01148  cost would be $2387.70  above recommendations still woud apply to address the arsenic 3 reduction / removal

    Also instead of the pre filter being a sediment we could put a crabon block in its place to address the chlorine more, so pre and post would be carbon block

    Please just call me if you have questions  800-978-8408

  • How often does it need servicing?

    The pre filter ( Sediment is rinsable and reusable up to 30 times or 12-18 months ) the tank media is usually good for 5-6 years if backwashed per recommendation and the post filter carbon block needs to be replaced every 12-18 months

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Hodgkins.
Whole house arsenic filter

Customer service was great. Lady followed up close to every day until I got what I ordered.

Was disappointed in the time it took to get my product. 3-5 days that I was told compared to 21-28 when I actually got it is quite a big difference!!

Instructions for the install weren’t very clear but crystal quest has been helpful will all my questions.

So sorry for the late delivery. Crystal Quest had a couple workers out sick, so it took them a little longer to build the system.

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