Aquacera MR500 Whole House Water Filter

Aquacera MR500 Whole House Water Filter

Aquacera MR500 Whole House Water Filter

The Aquacera MR500 holds 5 Aquacera AquaMetix® 20” cartridges designed to offer a high flow solution for specific removals of challenging contaminants. Housing utilizes 1” Inlet & Outlet and features a swing bolt lid. Tested for the reduction of Chloramine, Chlorine, Lead, and Mercury


  • 30000 gallons Chloramine >99% (Non-detect)
  • 30000 gallons Mercury >97%
  • 35000 gallons Lead >98.5%
  • 70000 gallons Chlorine >99% (Non-detect)
  • Built-In Pressure Gauge
  • Built-In Pressure Release


Will also reduce:


AquaMetix® is a unique technology designed to provide the highest quality drinking water possible from a single stage block filter.  AquaMetix® will reduce a wide variety of drinking water contaminants of both aesthetic and health concern.  This same technology is used inside our CeraMetix® range of ceramic filter elements.

    Made in the USA

    NSF 61 Certified materials

    Meets or Exceeds NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 for the following:

  • > 99% Chloramine reduction - 3ppm challenge
  • > 99% Chlorine reduction
  • > 99% Lead reduction
  • > 98% VOC reduction
  • > 98% Heavy metal reduction
  • > 98% THM's (Trihalomethanes) reduction
  • > 92% Nitrates reduction
  • > 85% Fluoride reduction - All types - Fluorosilicic acid/hydrofluorosilicate, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride


  • Material, Body & Caps                      316 SS
  • Material, Eye Bolts                            304 SS
  • O-Ring                                               Silicone
  • Lid Closure Type                                Band Clamp
  • Inlet/Outlet                                          (Slip Connection) 1”
  • Overall Height                                     28”
  • Width                                                   16”
  • Rated Flow                                          5/7 GPM
  • Maximum Flow                                    20 GPM
  • Maximum working pressure                90 PSI
  • Maximum temperature (housing)        125° F
  • Shipping Weight (Empty)                     40 lbs
  • Carton dimensions                               37”x17”x17”
  • Filter Change Frequency                      6-12 Months


MR 500 Data Sheet

The current processing time for orders is 1 to 5 business days

Free shipping on orders over $69.99 and $6.99 flat rate shipping for orders under $69.99  in Mainland 48 States only.  For all others please contact for shipping quote.

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  • Can this be installed outside (location of my point of entry)? I ask bc it can get over 100 degrees in the summer where I live and I'm uncertain if the heat would impact the product or it's function.

    I would not recommend it be installed outside. Most customers will put it in a closet or close to where the water comes into the home.

  • Does this unit remove PFAS type chemicals? If so what documentation do you have to support this. If it does this it would be a very cost effective mitigation for PFAS, which seems to be more and more in the news and a huge health concern. Thanks, Dan

    They do filter PFAS as carbon does filter them, but they do not know the percent that they remove. Aquacera has filters on test with the WQA as I type testing for PFA’s under the new protocol standard that is not currently being enforced. So they should have the test results in the near future.

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