Crystal Quest Handheld Shower Filter

Crystal Quest Handheld Shower Filter
Crystal Quest Handheld Shower Filter
Crystal Quest Handheld Shower Filter

Crystal Quest Handheld Shower Filter

  • Luxury Handheld Shower: Combines the ease and convenience of showering with a handheld showerhead.
  • 3-Stage Filtration: Ensures peace of mind by providing filtered water.
  • Contaminant Removal: Effectively removes chlorine and other harmful substances.
  • Skin & Hair Benefits: Leaves your skin feeling softer and your hair looking shinier.
  • Versatile Use: Great for shampooing and bathing children and pets.
  • Maximum Mobility: Comes with a 5.75-foot Duro-flex hose for easy movement.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free setup.

The Crystal Quest Handheld Shower Filter represents the current peak of shower filtration technology – it is one of the most advanced filters available today. This shower filter removes chlorine from the water by catalyzing it through contact with REDOX media, and cleans other potentially distasteful or harmful substances from your shower water, too, using additional filtration stages.
Peace of mind is gained by showering with clean water, free from harmful chemicals. This Crystal Quest handheld filter can be used either stationary, resting in the support loop built into the front of the filter cartridge housing, or else held in the hand. Installation is easy, requiring no tools. Cartridges are replaceable and can be changed in a matter of seconds.
Additional features of this highly effective shower filter include:


  • Passes water through beds of Eagle REDOX 6500 and 9500 media (KDF), which catalyzes chlorine into harmless chloride. Prevents dispersal of chlorine into the air.
  • Enhances PH balance at the same time with Eagle REDOX 6500 and 9500 action.
  • After the REDOX media, the water passes through activated coconut shell carbon, which reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs), THMs, pesticides, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, rust, silt, sediment, and other particulate matter.
  • Attractive showerhead with three-way adjustable massaging spray settings.
  • Filter life is 9 to 12 months; cartridge is replaceable.
  • 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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  • Durable and elegant design
  • Easy to install
  • 3-Stage filtration
  • High capacity filter cartridge
  • 3-spray/massage handheld shower
  • Reversible filter cartridge
  • 1 year filtration capacity
  • Dimensions: 12" x 7" x 4"
  • Weight: 2 lbs 10oz
  • Recommended flow rate 2 gallons per minute (7.6 liters per minute) with the maximum recommended peak flow of 2.5 GPM.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Does shower head have a pause button to stop water?

    No, it does not.

  • 1. Explain the Redox 6500 and9500 action. Since we have Sulpher well water, is the yet useful? 2. How is the coconut shell activated? 3. How is flow rate varied, manually adjusted, or automatic?

    Redox 6500 and 9500 (KDF 55 and 85) is a patented product a major advancement in water treatment technology that works on basic process known as REDOX (oxidation/reduction) principles, representing a new and unique way of water processing medium which by its natural process of electrochemical oxidation/reduction and adsorption action reduces and/or removes many unwanted contaminants from water. KDF medium is a versatile, specially formulated high purity, bimetal material.

    This product operates as a multifunctional medium which has superior capabilities of de-chlorination of drinking water and reduces dissolved heavy metals in water supplies. The media inhibits bacteria growth (fungi, algae and mold) and reduces lime scale, mold, and fungi. Throughout the entire unit, In fact testing has shown that it reduces it up to 90%; thus eliminating the need for silver, commonly used in carbon-only filters.

    Patented KDF media consists of a high purity copper-zinc formulation. These substances exchange electrons or bond with chlorine and other metals contained in the water to create harmless substances.

    KDF is completely safe and meets EPA and FDA standards for levels of zinc and copper in potable water, so the process is not toxic and does not cause any adverse side effects. KDF is recyclable

    How is the coconut shell activated?

    Steam-activation is primarily used for coconut charcoal and coal. In the production of steam-activated charcoal, first the coconut shell or coal is heated to create a char. This char is then "activated" in a furnace at high temperatures of 1,700° to 1,800°F with steam in the absence of oxygen.

    The flow rate is set to 2 to 2.5 GPM

  • length of hose?

    5.75 foot Duro-flex hose.

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