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Sprite Shower Filters for a Chlorine Free Shower

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Sprite Shower Filters

If you’ve noticed that your skin has been getting too dry and your hair isn’t responding the way it used to, the problem could well be your shower water. To prevent some extremely unpleasant diseases, municipal water supplies in the United States have been chlorinated since the early part of the 20th Century.

Chlorine is the only disinfectant, at this point in time, that will reliably deliver pathogen-free water from the treatment plant to your tap. Boiling and other methods of cleansing water are effective at removing bacteria and viruses at the plant, but water can easily pick up another crop of pathogens en route.

Taking the Sting Out of Showers

While dry skin and brittle hair could probably be accepted as a tradeoff for drinkable water, chlorine is probably more hazardous to health when bathed in – even more so than when simply consumed.

Chlorine transforms into other substances as it comes into contact with organic matter, such as bacteria or your skin. Chloroform and chloramine will be released as vapor as will trihalomethanes. Chlorine and its derivatives are thought to be responsible for both short-term and long-term health problems including damage to the reproductive and endocrine systems, cancer, and cardiovascular difficulties.

Choosing a Sprite Shower Filter

Sprite makes a range of shower filters to fit every budget and also every bathroom décor. When you install a Sprite Shower Filter you will be reassured that every shower will be safe. Sprite filters for the shower rely on Chlorgon filter media to change hazardous chlorine into harmless chloride, which simply drains away with the shower water.


  • The Baby Shower Filter is the perfect way to shower newborns and very young babies safely. Use with an infant’s tub or even in the kitchen sink to clean your new family member with chlorine and chloroform free water. This shower filter provides a soft ‘rain’ to wash the baby gently. 
  • Our Sprite Original White Handheld Shower Filter is one of the easiest filter units to install – no tools are required at all, it attaches right to the shower faucet. This filter can be used either as a stationary or handheld shower. You’ll find your skin much smoother and your hair manageable once chlorine has been removed.
  • If you are looking for a chlorine shower filter that will perform without problem for years, consider adding the Sprite Chrome Brass Shower Filter With Shower Head to your bathroom fixtures. Once again, you can count on the Chlorgon filter media to remove chlorine from your water. The cartridge should be replaced once every year.
  • For those who want an economical approach to a chlorine-free shower, the Sprite White Slim-Line Shower Filter With Shower Head is the answer. This shower head has an optional massage attachment. The filter on the Slim-Line will need changing every six months. 

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