Pharmaceutical Water Contamination and Ways to Prevent it

Chris Tracey ·
Have you ever thought in your wildest of dreams that even the life saving pharmaceuticals can be a severe water contaminant? Of course not! But it has been proved true. Pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, birth control oil, seizure medication and anti-depressants fall under this new form of water pollutant. When these contaminants mix with your drinking water, it causes serious problem to your health. Even some cancer treating medicines and painkillers fall under this category of water contaminants.

Different health hazards due to pharmaceutical contamination

The most alarming health hazard due to regular exposure to such harmful pharmaceuticals in your water can make you immune to many life-saving drugs. You can very well imagine how much dangerous it can be, if you become drug-resistant! Not only on human, pharmaceutical contamination has made a vast effect on the aquatic life too. When the anti-depressant pharmaceuticals mix with water, it can cause spawning patterns and altered sperm level in the fishes. Pharmaceuticals disposed by water can even become a hindrance in the production of some important hormones in the human body.

Find out how these harmful pharmaceuticals enter your drinking water

Pharmaceuticals enter your drinking water from numerous sources but the most important source is the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. However, sometimes we ourselves also contribute to this contamination in some or the other way! Remember how you have flushed out the unused medicines into your toilet. This sewage water often mixes with your source of drinking water, gets inside your system and causes harm to your health.

Other than the above-mentioned sources, your drinking water can be contaminated by pharmaceuticals in several other ways. The chemical fertilizers, which are used as manures in the fields, often contain these harmful pharmaceuticals in them. These seep into the soil and mix with the ground water to contaminate your drinking water. Farm animals are another source of this pharmaceutical contamination. The in-digested medicine excreted out by them again mixes with the ground water and contaminates it. Finally the discarded medicines that are often used as land fillers seep into the land to mix with the ground water.

How to remove pharmaceuticals from your water

Once you are aware that these water-contaminating pharmaceuticals may be there in your drinking water, don’t wait. Immediately take steps to purify your water. Now the question arises how can you do it? Well it is very simple. Just get yourself a charcoal filter, attach it to your source of drinking water and get it purified.

Many countries have shown remarkable concern over this serious matter and have started using charcoal filters to purify the public drinking water. Always purify your water before drinking it. Many times you have brought home many of these pharmaceuticals to cure you of some diseases. However, now you find that those have by some or the other way contaminated your drinking water. Don’t panic or get shocked filter your water and free yourself from the tension of consuming contaminated water and causing harm to your health.

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