In-Line Refrigerator Water Filters

In-Line Refrigerator Water Filters

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In-Line Refrigerator Water Filters

As more and more consumers are becoming aware of the health hazards associated with unfiltered tap water, technology is rising to the occasion and offering consumers more protection throughout the home and office. One such advance is in in-line refrigerator water filters.

Modern refrigerators often come with built-in water dispensers and ice cube dispensers. For this reason, it just as imperative that you filter your refrigerator water as it is to filter your tap water. The exact same contaminants that you find in your tap water will also be present in your refrigerator water.

A good quality in-line refrigerator water filter will also help extend the life of your appliance. It is very common for lines inside a frig to become clogged with sediment and mineral deposits over time. By eliminating those contaminants before they reach the inner workings of your appliance, you help your refrigerator work more efficiently and for a longer period of time.

Generally speaking, in-line refrigerator water filters make use of carbon filters which can improve smell and taste of water, as well as remove several types of contaminants from the water. Some models will also include a fiber filter for trapping sediment. Fiber filters are often composed of strands of spun cellulose or rayon. They are especially useful in trapping rust and lead.

Most major appliance manufacturers offer water filters for their refrigerators. You can also find filters for less popular brands. Depending on your own handyman skills and the model of filter that you choose, you may or may not need to have it plumbed in by a professional plumber.

As is the case with all water filters, in-line refrigerator water filters have to be changed from time to time. Many consumers find they get about six months of use from each filter. If you have a large family that uses a lot of ice or drinks a lot of dispensed water, you may have to change the filter more often. Finding replacement filters, however, is not a problem for most brands.

Some of the best news about in-line refrigerator water filters is that they are very affordable. With their prices being so low, there is really no excuse for any home to go without one. Filtering your tap water solves one-half of the dangers posed by water contaminants if you do not also filter your ice and dispensing water. Why take a chance with your family's health when protecting them is such an affordable and easy option?

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