Drinking Water for Healthier Skin

Drinking Water for Healthier Skin

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Drinking Water for Healthier Skin

The skincare industry brings in billions of dollars each and every year. Today, you can find a cosmetic or dermal preparation for just about any skin condition you can think of. But, did you know that drinking plenty of water on a daily basis can help your skin in many different ways? That's right. Clean, filtered water can help promote clean, healthy skin.

A healthy body is composed of about eighty percent water. When the human body becomes dehydrated due to decreased water intake, one of the organs that suffer the most is the skin. Women need to ingest at least 11 cups of water a day, more during the summer months. Men should consume at least 15 cups of water a day. The reason we suggest the use of a good water filter is because most tap water has a variety of impurities in it. Of course, the more water you drink each day, the more impurities you also ingest. Water filters can remove these impurities.

When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, water hydration is critical. As mentioned above, dehydration can become a severe problem if you lose anywhere from five to ten percent of your body weight in water loss. While this may seem like a lot, it really isn't, especially during the summer months or if you exercise regularly.

Clean, filtered water keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. This allows your skin to remain supple and flexible, which is vital in preventing issues such as crow's feet and unsightly wrinkles. Your skin will look younger as well, which is an important issue for many people. All of this happens because water aids in moisturizing your skin. It also aids in replacing old skin cells and tissue.

Besides improving your skin, proper hydration can also help those who are trying to lose weight. Water can help decrease your appetite as well as increase your metabolism. Both of these are important when trying to lose weight.

When you consider the benefits that water provides to your body and overall health, it is clear that drinking clean, freshwater should be a priority. With water filters being so affordable these days, there really is no reason to not have at least one installed in the home or office. If one takes into account the high price of bottled water, installing a quality water filter is the most cost-effective way to get the clean water your body and skin needs at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise have to pay.

If you want to improve your skin tone and elasticity, make sure you drink the appropriate amount of water each and every day. Over time, you should begin to see positive results, without having to resort to costly cosmetics or skin preparations. Get the best water filter to meet your needs and budget and begin restoring your skin today! It might be the best investment you make for healthier skin.

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