Advantages of Undersink Water Filters

Advantages of Undersink Water Filters

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Undersink water filters help you to have a tidy and spacious kitchen, as it only requires a faucet at your sink. Unlike the regular filters, the undersink water filters do not have valves and tubing cluttering the counter. Moreover, they posses a great aesthetic value since you could have a brass or nickel faucet to match the décor of your kitchen. The undersink water filters remain out of sight, so you can purchase and install larger models that can have fluoride, nitrates, or arsenic purifying capacity. The only thing is that it takes a little longer to install an undersink water filter.

The health benefits of under sink water filters

If you are unaware that the water supplied to your taps might contain various harmful contaminants that can pose serious threats to your health. Even if your household tap water is not used for drinking purposes but used for household uses like making meals, washing and cleaning, you cannot afford contaminated water. Thus, it is wiser to make a one-time investment and install an undersink water filter that would provide cleaner and purer water.

The functioning of undersink water filters

The drinking water is treated directly in the supply line before it reaches the tap by the undersink water filters. The filters function in removing sediments and other pollutants and thus make the water best for consumption. In the present days, many undersink water filters are available and can be easily installed without any help from even a plumber. The most commonly available undersink water filters are screwed to the valve below the sink where the water passes through before getting to the tap.

There are cartridges in these filters that help in extracting bacteria, viruses and other particulates and they must be changed from time to time. For best results, you should get a separate tap installed at the sink just for drinking purposes.  Undersink water filters are the best options for older households where there are problems of sedimentation and lead in the pipes, which causes health problems and foul taste.

Essential factors to be noted while purchasing undersink water filters

To buy the appropriate and the best undersink water filter you must keep in mind the following points.

- Make sure that the filter you are opting removes impurities like chlorine, lead, cysts, THMs, VOCs, lindane, alachlor, atrizine, benzene and MTBE.

- The undersink water filters that have good quality do not drain the natural minerals dissolved in the supply water since these provide distinct health benefits.

- You should opt for branded undersink water filters only as you can get discounts and warranties on these.

In addition to the above-mentioned guidelines, where should buy an undersink water filter. The online stores are one of the best places as here you can compare several models and pick the appropriate one. The specialty companies and the home supply stores, plumbing suppliers are the other sources for this type of water filters.

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