Seychelle Blue Thermal Insulated 26oz PH Plus Water Filter Bottle

Seychelle Blue Thermal Insulated 26oz PH Plus Water Filter Bottle

Seychelle Blue Thermal Insulated 26oz PH Plus Water Filter Bottle



  • Thermal hot/cold capabilities
  • Produces up to 200 gallons of filtered water
  • BPA & lead free and food grade approved materials
  • Replaces up to 757 half-liters of bottled water
  • Bottles are re-useable, filters replaceable
  • Filters made in USA
  • Includes wrist strap    
  • Cap with finger grip loop
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to use anytime - anywhere

The pH filter created by Seychelle Environmental Technologies, Inc. naturally alkalizes your drinking water to support your health and bodies delicate pH balance.

The proprietary media in Seychelle’s pH filter has the ability to increase the pH from 7.0 up to 9.5.  The filtered water remains alkaline for over 30 days.


Removes up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants and pollutants found in drinking water supplies, including:

  • Aesthetic Contaminants – such as bad taste, odors, cloudiness, silt and chlorine
  • Chemical Contaminants (VOC’s) - such as PCB’s, PFOA’s, PFOS’s, DDT, MTBE, Benzene, Chloroforms (THM’s)
  • Dissolved Solid Contaminants (Heavy Metals) - such as Arsenic, Aluminum, Asbestos, Chromium 6, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Nitrates/Nitrites, Zinc, and up to 90% Fluoride
  • Radiological Contaminant – such as Radon 222


The current processing time for orders is 1 to 5 business days

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  • How sturdy is the top of the bottle; have you fixed the issues? I don’t know about now, but the top was always weak, fragile and would easily unhinge! I’ve owned three 28 oz bottles and always have issues with the top because they broke easily! My first bottle I gave it to a buddy in Bolivia I lost my second one in Rishikesh, my third one was either “sequestered or hijacked” by the security personnel of Emirate Airlines in Dubai! I love the produc. I have been wanting to buy a couple more, actually a few more to give to 6-7 buddies when I get to go back to India. My friends there loved it! Actually are they available in the Indian market??

    We have not had any issues with the top of the bottles. This bottle does not remove bacteria so I would recommend the extreme bottle for taking out of the Country.
    Here is the link to it. I am not sure if there is anyone in India selling the bottles you would have to contact Seychelle about that.

    Seychelle Extreme Water Filter Bottle

  • Filters for this bottle

    Here is the link to the replacement filter for the bottle.

    Thermal Bottle Replacement Filter

  • What is the type of replacement filter For the cold and hot thermos seychelle bottle and where might it be purchased what website?

    Here is the link to them.

    Seychelle thermal replacement filter

  • Do you have rose gold

    I am sorry at this time we only have black or blue.

  • Where can I find a replacement filter for my Seychelle stainless steel blue thermos water bottle?

    Here is the link to the replacement filters.

    Seychelle Thermal Insulated 26oz PH Plus Replacement Filter

  • It’s ok to put hot water in this product with this PH filter?

    No, you should not use hot water in any water filter.

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