Aquacera EcoFast Inline Refrigerator Water Filter

Aquacera EcoFast Inline Refrigerator Water Filter

Aquacera EcoFast Inline Refrigerator Water Filter

The Aquacera EcoFast inline refrigerator water filter will remove/reduce fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, VOC's  and other chemical compounds, chromium, nickel arsenic and other metals from your drinking water. It has 1/4" push fittings for quick and easy installation.

0.5 micron nominal filtration

500 gallon capacity reduction of

Fluoride including Fluorosilicic acid additive type Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Mercury, Nickel, Radionuclides, Silver and Zinc Estimated capacities are based on 2ppm influent concentrations with >50 to 90% Reduction. Lead reduction 99% with 500 gallon capacity.

300 gallon capacity removal of chloramines based on 2ppm challenge

The current processing time for orders is 1 to 5 business days

Free shipping on orders over $69.99 and $6.99 flat rate shipping for orders under $69.99  in Mainland 48 States only.  For all others please contact for shipping quote.

Questions & Answers

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  • Does it matter which water pressure? or flow per minute? What is the width of the unit, at largest point?

    The minimum flow rate is 0.5 GPM.

    Water pressure should be between 10 and 125 PSI

    The largest diameter is 2 3/4"

  • does it remove lead

    Yes it does.  99% Lead reduction

  • Do you have any refrigerator filters that remove bacteria?

    No, I am sorry we do not. Most customers that have bacteria in their water will get an under-sink filter, so they have filtered water at the kitchen sink and then just put a tee in line going to the refrigerator.

  • Does this filter remove chromium 6?

    No this filter will not. But the Crystal Quest inline refrigerator does. Here is the link to that filter Crystal Quest Inline Refrigerator Filter

  • Which replacement filter do I need for this?

    You need the AquaMetix for EcoFast Filters here is the link to it AquaMetix

  • Is there a list of what brands/models this filter is compatible with?

    It will fit all brands as it is an inline Refrigerator filter. It hooks into the water line going to your refrigerator with quick connect fittings.

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