Aquacera AquaRinse™ Iron & Sulphur Removal Whole House Water Filter

Aquacera AquaRinse™ Iron & Sulphur Removal Whole House Water Filter

Aquacera AquaRinse™ Iron & Sulphur Removal Whole House Water Filter


The AquaRinse™ AirDraw systems incorporate our exclusive Ironsorb™ medias for complete removal of troublesome iron, sulphur, and manganese in residential well applications.


  • No chemicals for regeneration
  • No mechanical air injection devices
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High levels of filtration efficiency

Conditions for proper operation

  • pH 6.8-8.8
  • Iron - less than 12ppm
  • Manganese - less than 5ppm
  • Sulphur - less than 5ppm
  • Chemical oxidants - less than 0.2ppm
  • Well pump sufficient to provide at least 5gpm

10 Year Warranty


AquaRinse Manual

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Questions & Answers

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  • Does this have a parts manual? Does this have a 1" or 3/4" connection? Is there a bypass valve integrated in the head? Last time you only answered one of my two question. Have a good day. Val

    Manual has a parts breakdown list

    1” or ¾” available

    Yes bypass is included

    The Manual includes a list of maintenance parts needed.

    Aquacera AquaRinse Manual

  • Is this all you need just to set it up it's just that 1tank

    Yes, it is just the one tank.

  • My system contains multiple pieces including water filter water softener ultra violent light and R O filters. where would this go in relation to the rest

    Iron system would go first based on the list provided.

  • Does this system back flash or does the filter need to be constantly replaced? If the latter, how often and at what price?

    It has an automatic back flush valve.

Customer Reviews

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Valerien Violette
Finally in service on Dec. 30, 2021

After removal of our 20 year old Kenmore chemical iron filter, we installed the Aqua-cera unit. With a little guidance things went well and we are still able to control our iron. Also we eliminated a taste and smell. Now, we have some questions: First- our old filter had a vacation mode, What should we do when leave for a few days and we shut down water supply? By-pas or what? Second- With high iron, the venturi will have to cleaned. Can we have access to the venturi while in service or do we have to completely de-pressurize the unit. Third- Our water use is minimal, so is there an easy way to switch from a 2-day to a 3-day cycle? Thank you. The results have been positive so far. Have a great day.

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